Call for Contributions to A Collection of Papers in Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of BUCM


I. Main theme

Academic achievements of BUCM


II. Background and Purpose

BUCM will celebrate its 60th birthday in 2016. As one of the earliest established TCM higher education institutions in China, it has witnessed the development of TCM higher education over the past 60 years since the very beginning. During the six decades, scholars at BUCM have been at the forefront of academic inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine. By now, such fine academic tradition has taken root in and become an integral part of BUCM’s scholars.


Excellent papers written by BUCM faculty, students and alumni will be collected and published entitled A Collection of Papers in Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of BUCM. Outstanding academic success of the BUCM family will be a gift marking its 60th anniversary.


III. How to Submit Papers

To respond to the call, please submit the electronic version of your paper already published with you as the first author or corresponding author to BUCM Department of Science and Technology by May 31st, 2016. The paper may focus on one of the following areas: education, research, medicine, development of academic discipline, public health administration, and manufacturing process and management of pharmaceutical enterprises, etc. The electronic version refers to a PDF copy of the whole paper or a scanned copy of the first page of the paper in the journal where it is published, and a copy in Microsoft Word format. In addition, the following information should be added to the Word version.

1. The citation information of the paper in the following format

    Journal title, year of publication, volume number and issue number, page numbers.

   Sample: Journal of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, 2016, Volume 39 Issue 1, 5-9.

2. Information of the author

    A brief introduction to the author, covering the following: name, sex, date of birth, job title and / or professional title, academic background, institutional affiliation and its zip  code, telephone or mobile phone number, and email address.

3. Chinese abstract and keywords for papers originally published in English.


IV. Contact Information

Contacts: FAN Yixin, JIANG Miao, LI Yan

Tel.: 86-10-64286498, 86-10-64287658

Address: Department of Science and Technology, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, No. 11, Bei San Huan Dong Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100029 P.R.C.

Email address:

Subject of email: BUCM 60th Anniversary Paper Submission + name of the author.

Sponsor: Center of Journal, Department of Science and Technology, BUCM


(Center of Journal, Department of Science and Technology)


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