Donate to BUCM------ For Memory and Love (First Donation Projects)

Established 60 years ago, BUCM has been playing an important role in the development of traditional Chinese medicine and nurturing a great number of students.


In autumn 2016, BUCM will celebrate its 60th birthday, a joyous occasion for the whole university.


Thanks to the efforts made by the BUCM family over the past 60 years, the university has started from scratch and grown into a prestigious institution, a pioneer with distinctive characteristics at the forefront of the development of TCM. Its achievements in talent training, scientific research, social service, and cultural inheritance and innovation are acknowledged by other TCM universities and colleges and the public. BUCM is now on a brand new journey in the years to come, never stopping its youthful steps of development, and keeping its promise made in the university motto “Study Diligently, Make Use of the Strengths of All Others; Value Virtue and Benefit the Society by Practicing Medicine”.


BUCM is our family where teachers and students gather and which alumni yearn for.


BUCM is always the home of you alumni, whose loving memory stays no matter where you are and when it is. You probably still remember this home where you studied hard, enjoyed your youth, and sailed toward your destinations. Everything on campus seems so vivid in your memory. How can you possibly forget the way your teachers discussed and solved problems with you in classroom? The atmosphere on the beautiful campus is still familiar to you as the alma mater misses and cares about you and is always there for you. Life is like a poem in which perfect moments last forever…


With the development of the university, its campus has been expanding. In the beginning, BUCM had only one campus at the Hepingjie Street. Later, Wangjing campus and Liangxiang campus were established. However, no matter whether the campuses are familiar to you or not, they are your sweet home.


To love, develop, and honor the university is the responsibility of each member of the BUCM community. Based on this, the program “Donate to BUCM – For Memory and Love” is launched for BUCM faculty and alumni to express your best wishes for the 60th birthday and future development of the university.


Give to BUCM to show your support and love for her.

Faculty, alumni and friends from all walks of life are welcome.

Donations are acknowledged on a first-come-first-served basis. Please hurry because only a limited number of donation projects are available this time.


I. Donation Projects

The donation projects available this time include buildings, other structures, gardens, trees, shrub and herb plots, and flower beds already or to be established on the Liangxiang campus. Those on the Hepingjie campus and Wangjing campus will be announced later.

1. Buildings and Other Structures

Buildings reflect donors’ deep love and great generosity for the university. Providing places where scholars can carry out research in peace, those structures can be appreciated and remembered for a very long time as landmarks and architectural works of art on campus. Contribute to the construction of the new campus if you have both willingness and funds. See Annex 1 for details.

2. Trees

Saplings on the new campus will grow strong as students there will develop. They will witness the new advancements of BUCM. Adopt trees on an individual basis to leave your growing mark on campus. A nameplate with your name on it will be attached to the tree you adopt. Your name, just like your tree, will take root in the fertile soil of BUCM. See Annex 2 for details.

3. Gardens

Build a garden where flowers in all colors blossom with your love. It will provide elegant surroundings where students can enjoy themselves. What a meaningful donation it will be! See Annex 3 for details.

4. Scrub and herb plots and flower beds

The green shrubs and colorful flowers on campus thrive thanks to not only sun, water and other natural elements but also our love and care. Donate to make our campus greener and more beautiful. See Annex 4 for details.


II Designations of Donated Funds

1. Structures: In principle, you can name a structure if you designate your funds to cover the total cost of a construction worth 1 million yuan RMB or less, or at least half of the total cost of one worth more than 1 million yuan.

2. Plants: Individuals can designate their donations to individual trees in the central area. See Annex 2 for the location of the trees. Individuals or institutions can designate their funds to gardens and plots of shrubs, herbs, and flowers. See Annex 3 and Annex 4 for the locations of the gardens and plots.

3. Others: Donors may designate their donations for other purpose in addition to the above mentioned based on viable proposals.

4. No designations: Donors can simply provide funds without designations whereas the university decides how to use them.


III Donating Paths

1. Via bank transfer 

Account name: Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Account number: 01090353700120111010707

Bank: Hepingli Branch, Bank of Beijing

Address: NO.1 Hepingli East Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing China

Bank key: 313100001008 (for RMB)

Swift code: BJCNCNBJ(for foreign currency)

2. Via WeChat

To be started.

3. Via post, telephone or on the spot

Address: Room 244, Building No. 6, No. 11 Bei San Huan Dong Lu (Third Ring Road East), Chaoyang District, Beijing, P.R.C.

Zip code: 100029

Tel.: 86-10-64287913  Fax.:86-10-64287913

Contacts: ZHANG Jingsheng, ZHOU Zhifang

Note: Please specify the designation of the donation and the name of individual or institutional donor.


IV Ways to Acknowledge Donations

1. Donators will have their names recorded in a roster, receive certificates from the university and get publicity in university media for their donations, no matter how much they contribute. Large donations will get more publicity and be recorded in university archives.

2. Appropriate honorary titles will be conferred to individuals and institutions who make large donations. Donors who provide all the funds needed for the construction of a structure on an individual basis and those who contribute a major part (50% or more) can have their names and the amount of their donations inscribed on the structure in recognition of their contribution upon completion of the construction. Also, they can name the building after consultation with the university.

3. Donors who make large contributions can sign a letter of intent with the university for their donations if they want.

4. Except those donors whose names are inscribed on the structures, others will have their names and related information inscribed on nameplates or tablets placed near or on the structure. A donor who adopts a tree may have a small nameplate with his / her name on it attached to the tree, or a group of donors may have a large nameplate with all their names on it. People providing funds for gardens, shrub plots and flower beds will have their information displayed on large nameplates placed in the gardens, plots or beds.



1. Buildings and other structures at the Liangxiang Campus

2. Trees at the Liangxiang Campus

3. Gardens at the Liangxiang Campus

4. Shrub plots and flower beds at the Liangxiang Campus