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Facts of BUCM

Facts & Figures




Established in 1956

President: Prof. XU Anlong, 2013-present

National University under the leadership of the Ministry of Education, China

Campuses:  He Ping Jie Campus Wang Jing Campus, Liang Xiang Campus

Size of campuses:  1082805m2

Campus Floor Space: 211429 m2



Faculty and staff, including hospitals’ faculty:  3241 ( December 2015)

National Great TCM Masters: 5

Registered students: 27,299 total

Full-time Undergraduate Students: 6,213

Full-time Graduate Students: 3,721

Overseas students make up 9 percent of full-time students

Part-time Students: 17365

Schools: 17

Affiliated Hospitals: 4

Undergraduate  Programs: 11

Master Degree  Programs:  45

Ph. D. Programs: 43

Post-doctoral Research Stations: 3

Library holdings: 1.067 million

Research Centers or Institutes: 13

Ministerial Key Labs:

Number of Level I national key academic disciplines:  2

Number of Level II national key academic disciplines:  15

Number of key academic disciplines by State Administration of TCM: 48